Offered Services


We provide a complete solution for guaranteed services digital signal transport and IP transit, aimed at companies that want to make the most of their communications.


This range of services is made possible by multi-technology implemented in the network, giving as a result of such specialization in:


- Networking: GSM, HSDPA, 3G, WiMAX, Point to Point (PTP), optical fiber and radio links for operators.

- Maintenance of business networks.

- Internet Transit Service (TiP).

- Virtual Private Network (VPN).

- Point to Point Services.

- Transport of multicast services




Specifically we provide the customer with the following services:


Tip / League (Guaranteed Internet Line); VPLS; PTP, EVIA, ADE; PDR; Phones & Voip Switchboard.

Internet Traffic Services (TiP / LIGA)


Transit services both TiP as LIGA, are characterized by flexibility in access, in addition to their technical specifications that enable its operation, including:


- Dedicated symmetrical  lines 4Mbps to 1Gbps.

- Peering with major Spanish and international operators.

- Routing traffic through BGP4 protocol. Manager seek

shortest route to reach your destination and return.

- Internal Routing OSPF network, for a more dynamic and redundancy


- Encapsulation MPLS, to ensure differentiated services.

- Cisco Technology ® System and Networks Junniper for the entire network.

- Centralized Support 24/365.

- Guaranteed response time.


LEAGUE TIP and services are presented in six different ways, to the radio and existing under the most popular technologies for fiber optic versions. Both services are characterized by their rapid deployment and maximum flexibility to accommodate the needs of the customer when it is needed:


At present, for bandwidth billing applies the 95 percentile rule, which says:


"Every 5 minutes, seven days a week, automatically take samples of bandwidth being used at that time. Discard five percent top of the samples taken, and is calculated as the monthly billing to the next level of this 5% higher discarded. If the level is exceeded hired for a month, your company will receive the next bill and corrected by the new level. "


ADE Service


Direct Access to Business (ADE) is a high-quality service and guaranteed. This is an extension of the multi-national network-connected broadband network. It has the best Host latencies toward international and national Internet, enabling also send / receive video calls, and access to corporate telephony. The features of this service are defined by:


 IP Network.

 Symmetrical or asymmetrical service.

 Reserve guaranteed bandwidth.

Structuring  MPLS.

 Tagged as VPLS service.

 National Coverage.

 Classification and transparent service delivery.

 QoS or prioritization of services according to criticality.

 Peering with major Spanish and international operators.

 Public Address.

 Secure.




The Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), allows companies to create a virtual private network Tier 2 capable of supporting multiple sites within a single domain over an IP / MPLS. The VPLS is designed according to the specifications of the star topology to provide connectivity between any end Ethernet with high granularity and bandwidth. So, this service is a cost effective alternative in WAN environments, especially for large organizations that require secure connections for high bandwidth between multiple locations, national, regional and local. In short, the VPLS service is aimed at businesses, and for multi-site businesses and public entities wishing to provide high-speed connectivity between their offices and facilities. It has seven modes of service: VPLS 4.10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 200 Mbps and is offered at provincial and interprovincial.



It is a point to point service for dedicated lines at the provincial / interprovincial. We have two services:


- PTP, unprotected: a single path between two extremes.

- PTP Protected: Route ringed to join the same two locations.


Among the features of this service are mentioned: various connection speeds (4-500 Mbps) and 100% guaranteed bandwidth, since the circuit is fully dedicated to customer.


EVIA Service


Dedicated service for sending video through the network. Overall it is a dedicated service for TV operators, and has the following features:


- Developed for circuits provincial / interprovincial.

- Guaranteed response times.

- Labelling VPLS.

- Dedicated line protected.

- It ensures low jitter.




Telephony service operators based on IP technology with a high level minutaje assurance and destinations.


- Per second billing, no call connection fee.

- Release numbering range.

- Number portability.

- Integrated web management environment.

- Provision.

- Managing and customer lines.

- Check cable operator.

- Detail billing.

- Management of calling plans.


Voip PBX


It integrates all the traditional telephony services ensuring the same level of quality, which is currently done through existing technology. Thanks to its rapid integration allows great flexibility in provisioning services, creating a virtual, sized call centers to the needs of each client. Its advantages include:


- Creation of working groups in distant, avoiding costs of calls between different locations.

- Adding numbers or extensions automatically, saving high costs of service and equipment.

- Growth of simultaneous calls on demand required by the customer, without adding extra equipment.

- Centralized management by the operator service provider, avoiding delays in the demands at all times.

- 100% compatible with existing phone systems.

- Control and Management of calls per Web page.

- Automation of speech and music on hold extension customizable.

- Centralized Voicemail with possible link with email and Web.

- Management of Web conferencing.





Value Added Services without Cost


In addition to all the services provided, we added a number of services that complement the solution perfectly. Services which is described below:


Configuring routing equipment.

The equipment installed at the customer is committed to the quality of the service. So make sure all the settings 24x365 days a year. This service is performed remotely, including software upgrades, and consulting for new configurations.


Assigning public IP address.

We have a Department of Consumer Tracking Address IP1, responsible for ensuring the continued growth of networks and to act as the mediator with RIPE. This department is available 24x365 for requests and updates IP address for free.


Secondary DNS server.

We offer a secondary DNS server (Backup) in addition to what the customer has to avoid name resolution to IP if they ever fail.


Transfer Domains.

If the customer has Internet domains, and want to manage the change of supplier to its own Web server, we have a department responsible for managing this process at no cost.


Power Management and status reporting service.

For all services rendered is provided a management service consumption graphs in real time. This service consumption takes samples every 5 minutes the 24x365 days a year, making the state a stroke of your circuit. Additionally, samples of the following values ​​in the graphs:


- Current Traffic, High, Low, Medium and 95th percentile;

- Daily Chart, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly.

Below is shown an example of this service:




24x365 sales service. (COR)


The Technical Assistance Center monitors the circuits, making decisions within minutes to an anomaly in the quality of service. Further, in an incident, this center is responsible for organizing the qualified technical personnel to resolve it as quickly as possible. Their services involve the following actions:


- Incidence reception;

- Creating fault ticket;

- Closing fault ticket;

- Fault status information;

- Monitoring of the network;

- Modification of network equipment configurations;

- Consultation on anomalies;

- Petition of evidence;

- Request Support Circuits;

- Update IP Routing;

- Update filters for network attacks.


According to the Incident Department documentation, the resolution of incidences, in 100% of cases, is solved in 3.5 hours.






Quality Assurance-SLA


We have a Quality Control Department for testing all services to ensure smooth operation before handing to our customers. Since the meeting points (Backhaul) in our network, to the point of presence (POP's), all services pass track quality, backed by the Center for Monitoring Network (COR) responsible for the operation of the network and coordination of incidents.


Quality Assurance Service

All services presented are based on the exclusive reservation of bandwidth for each client employed throughout the network, thus avoiding problems of overbooking. To perform this task, the booking is made at the technical level in the network of contracted bandwidth. This is possible thanks to technology Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems that implement the most innovative traffic management techniques in the CORE routers, to remove the "overbooking in the network."


The following table shows the guarantees on services to its availability:






Service availability Guarantee




Network bandwidth Guarantee



























Customer Service

24h/365 days

Incidence Solving

24h/7 days